Dettol Anti-Bacterial Original Soap is the gentle, hygienic way to cleanse and protect your skin. The unique anti-bacterial agents from Dettol help to rid your skin of the germs and bacteria that can’t be removed by water alone. The unmistakeable fragrance of Dettol Original Soap will leave you feeling and smelling fresh throughout the day. Each bar is infused with skin moisturising agents to promote healthy, hydrated skin whilst keeping the whole family hygienic and free from surface bacteria.

Dermatologically tested to promote gentle, cleansing protection of the skin
Contains moisturising agents to keep the skin feeling hydrated and healthy
Anti-bacterial formula safeguards against microscopic germs and bacteria
Can be used daily by the whole family to maintain hygiene
Original Soap fragrance leaves you feeling and smelling fresh throughout the day

How to use
Lather well, then rinse.

For external use only.
Keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision.


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